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Breaking : Tension in Ife as Youths Block Iremo Road to Protest Police Killing of a Colleague

By Sodiq Lawal

Youths in their hundreds shut down Iremo road in Ile-Ife and forced resident to remain indoor on Sunday morning as a result of the violent demonstration to protest the killing of a youth whose identity is yet to be ascertain by Ife City News.

The deceased, identified as  Yemi by the protesters,  27 years old was allegedly shot dead by the police on Friday at a naming ceremony in Iremo Ile-Ife after an altercation between him and the police team who attempted to arrest him as an Advanced Free Fraud ( Yahoo Boy) suspect.

The irate youths burned fire on the major roads, beating those passing mercilessly, seized mobile phones and damaging properties at the road side while forcing those going to church back home and paralysed all commercial activities in Iremo area.

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The efforts of the police to halt the protest has yielded little efforts as the youths are regrouping in other spots to mount road block despite teargasing and deployment of Armored Personal Carriers. They were seen throwing dangerous object at the combined team of Nigeria Army, Police and Nigeria Civil Defence Corps.

Irritate youths did not also spared pressmen, a journalist who was trying to record the protest with camera was wounded has his camera seized.

Also , An old man popularly known as “Baba Alamu”  was beaten for snapping the youths while the youths continue to march the street chanting various war songs.

According to an eye witness, Mr Adam Seyidu told Ife city News that the deceased was killed in a gruesome manner by the police

He said the police team came to a naming ceremony and identified three guys as yahoo boys. “the harassment of the alleged yahoo boys triggered serious altercation with the police and a  police officer  mistakenly shot them in which one died instantly and the remaining two were injured and receiving treatment at the Obafemi Awolowo Teaching Hospital.”

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While profusely crying, he expressed sadness that the deceased was a loyal and respectful man adding that the deceased came to visit him before proceeding together to the naming ceremony.

But as at the press time, the security presence is become heavier to curtail the violent demonstration.