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Ife – Crisis :Ooni’s Queen, Yeyeluwa Visits Sabo For Post Crisis Reconciliation

Former Minister of State for Water Resources Eng Basir Awotorebo with Yeyeluwa Zinab Ogunwusi durring the Visit

To strengthen the already existing relationship between Hausa and Yoruba Community in Sabo Ile- Ile, before the March, 8 2017 clash,  Ooni’s Queen, Yeyeluwa Zaynab Wuraola Ogunwusi on Wednesday evening paid a reconciliatory visit to Sabo area of the town.

Yeyeluwa  at a meeting with the leaders of the Hausa community expressed regrets over the clash describing it as unfortunate and unnecessary considering the social and business tie that has existed for decades among the two tribes.

Queen Wuraola appealed for continuous harmonious relationship between Hausas  and Yorubas in Ile-Ife, noting that “the dead cannot be brought back, but those onus who are still living can live a happy life.

The leadership of the Hausa community expressed gratitude on her visit and promised to resuscitate the previous love and spirit of oneness that was existing before the crisis .

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Earlier, the Queen also met with the representatives of Ife development board.

The Queen’s visit to both sides was facilitated by the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons (NCRMI), who brought relief materials for the Yoruba and Hausa communities.