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Yoruba Group Urges Ile -Ife Residents To Embrace Team Work

The Yoruba Patriots Movement (YPM) has urged the people of Ile- Ife  to embrace team work in other to  present a common front in repositioning the ancient.

Chairman of the group Ile- Ife branch, Mr Oke Isodotun said that there is urgent need for Yoruba to embrace team work so as to present a common agenda towards the incoming general election while address members of the group during a general meeting at the palace of Ooni.

The chairman said the agenda of the group is to ensure that Yoruba race close ranks to put forward an agenda that will promote development in the western part of the country.

“Yoruba people are bitter, disenchanted, angry, hungry and desperate for a revolutionary change in a filthy land where only the cruel, the mischievous and the dishonest can easily survive”

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“Our position is emboldened by what is going on in Nigeria, the killings, joblessness, the massive migration of hostile and armed people into the South West, the collapse of values, the disintegration of public trust, the leadership ruin, and the floundering fortunes of the people in the hands of a self-serving, greedy, malicious and self-destructive elite.”

The group lamented that the political class have failed to allay the fears and aspirations of the people adding that the team work of the Yoruba people will resolve the chain of hurdles that stand on the path of sustainable development.

The group said it will work with similar groups  that are prepared to team up with them so as to be successful in the forthcoming election.