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Ife Students Felicitate With New Lowa Adimula

By Sodiq Lawal

The National Ife Descendants Student Association (NIDSA) has facilitated and congratulated High Chief Adekola Adeyeye , the new Lowa Adimula of Ile- Ife.

According to the press statement released by the president of the association, Mr. Agbogunleri Oluwaseun congratulated and commended his effort towards making ile ife metamorphosed into an ideal place before he was appointed as the new Lowa Adimula.

Oluwaseun said  “we have heard many glowing reports of his contribution to Ile- Ife before your emergence as the new Lowa Adimula. We wish him the best in the traditional throne.

“Enthusiasm is the engine of his success at work; Ile-Ife has taken a very wise decision in appointing him to such a high position. Certainly his willingness to volunteer time and effort is commendable and wil be in the best interest of Ile- Ife .

“We are confident that his influence will continue to encourage rigorously work on the economic stability of the city to ease the standard of living of people in the city.”

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The president urged the new Lowa Adimula to continue to work in empowering the students and youths.