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5 Best Fast Food Joints You Need to Know on OAU Campus

5 Best Fast Food Joints You Need to Know on OAU Campus

By Adejumo Kabir

Dear visitors to Obafemi Awolowo University, (OAU) Ile – Ife, here are little things to remember whenever you are on campus. You could find yourself desperately in dire need for a bite or drink, here is your compass to OAU snack paradise.

1. KAYS CHIPPY – If you ever find yourself wandering towards the 1000 Seater Lecture theatre or just in front of ODLT 1 and 2, and you’re hungry for something cold to drink and something nice to bite, especially if there’s a lady you want to impress, stop by at Kays Chippy. Just don’t pretend you did anything remarkable. Their prices are usually a little above normal. 

Oduduwa Hall Fast Food Joint: Just below the overshadowing and enormous Amphitheater, is a small outlet for great delights. Not that they sell gold plated ice cream or titanium pies that would cost more than an aeroplane. They’re really life savers. Drinks always cold or warm, whatever you choose. Mince pies, Fish pies, delightful doughnuts, and heavenly “zobo”, chips, soda, sugar drinks. You want it nice and you want it fast? You want Oduduwa Hall fast food joint. Prices are usually reasonable

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3. SENATE BUILDING FAST FOOD JOINT: Students absolutely love this spot. Utterly relentless service provision for utterly relentless demand, you go, you call, you pay, you walk away with a smile. If you are ever walking hungry and tired and feeling like you were drunk and you are having an hangover, ask for a can of malt here, you could fly away after it. Their prices are set in Heaven, affordable even for a Lizard.

4. HALL BUTTERIES: Hall butteries in OAU are the same; you get cold-hearted, stone-faced service provision from eternally displeased Attendants, but you get anything you want. Fajuyi hall, Awo hall, Angola, Moremi Hall, whichever hall. You wll probably buy your stuff here mostly, because they sell anything, and they always stock up like a supermarket. Prices vary from hall to hall.

5 .WURAOLA STATIONERY AND VARIETY SHOP: One of the very first Snackoslavia you’ll get to meet, this one is. As you highlight from the bus stop and you head towards the students union building (SUB), you cannot miss this shop, which is part of the building itself. Their prices are never overpriced. Being that they’re using a part of the infamously radical Students’ building, that is easily understood.

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