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How Araba Agbaye Changed To Leopard in Ile- Ife

By Sodiq Lawal

The Araba Agbaye is the head of all of the spiritual leaders throughout the world, he is the representative of Orunmila on earth. When Orunmila left the earth he appointed the Araba Agbaye to lead in his place.

The title Araba Agbaye can only be given out of the Oke –Itase compound in Ile-Ife. No other compound in the world can bear this title.

In an exclusive interview with Ife City News,  Awojoke Aworeni, an Ifa Practitioner who disclosed that he is a son of Araba Agbaye said that Odun Elefi Araba Agbaye is the festival of Orunmila, which commemorates the time when Orunmila was angry with the king of Ile-Ife and changed into a leopard and chased the king out of town.

Awojoke stated further that during the festival, when the reigning Araba changes into the leopard, the king can never look upon him.

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He added that the Araba marches to the palace and symbolically re – creates chasing the king out of town.

He explained that there is no festival performed in Ile-Ife without the presence of the Araba Agbaye.

“During Itapa festival, the Araba will take Ifa to the Orisanla shrine,  During the Oduduwa festival the Araba will send the cock, the cutlass and the hoe, representing when Orunmila gave these items to Oduduwa to create the earth

“During the Olojo Ogun festival there is a special meeting between the Araba and the Ooni, any title given by the Araba Agbaye will bear the name Awo Agbaye”

The Ifa Practitioner said that the Araba Agbaye is the leader of the Awoolodumerindilogun.

This group of 16 special highest ranking priests are as are Araba Agbaye, Agbongbon, Akodi, Aseda , Awise Awo Agbaye, Tedimole Awosunle Ilare , Megbon Awo Iremo , Kirindin Awo Idita, Oyin Pepe Awo Ilegbudu, Obakinala Awo Ijugbe, Sekinda Awo Oranmiyan, Jolofinpe, Etitangegere Awo Imojubi, Adefalu, Afedigba koru Sawo Olofin and Loriwarefa Awo olofin


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