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The Beauty and Security Relevance of Oranmiyan Tower

Sadiq Lawal  

The Oranmiyan Tower is a 9-storey tower, reminiscent of Washington DC in the United States of America monument, obelisk,  and an ultramodern shopping centre in Lagere, Ile – Ife.

Ife City News observed that on the tower is a groomed naturalistic master artwork of a jumbo-size, Opa Oranmiyan (Oranmiyan Staff).

The sky scrapper enamored edifice of about 140 feet high and occupying 15 feet square metres is erected on one of the highest altitudes and fortified with modern electronic multimedia equipment, the first of its kind in the state or anywhere in Nigeria.

It serves as surveillance tower for the entire Ile-Ife region, with each floor housing respective security agencies like regular police, Mopol, Civil Defence corps, etc.

One of the floors is equipped with CCT and communication gadgets that receive data from and monitor the infra-red four, three, two and uni dimensions  cameras placed on the rooftops and other strategic areas of the town like Ori-Olokun Roundabout, Ooni’s Palace Square, Sabo junction, Fajuyi/Moore junction, Ilesa Road, Obafemi Awolowo University Frontage; Ibadan Road Axis, and Parakin/ Obalufon Scheme.

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Three giant LED TV screens, manufactured and custom-made from Japan, have also been installed on the tower’s frontal three walls for the promotion of the rich/Yoruba cultural heritage, and for advertisement.

The ultra-modern office and shopping complex is constructed just behind the tower.

Also, the complex has several offices, shopping spaces and a canteen which is designed to offer traditional dishes for people and in particular the tourists that constantly come to the ancient town and will undoubtedly visit the tower and other monument sites in Ile – Ife.