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Ifa World Festival : Priest Predicts Rapid Economic Recovery

By Sadiq Lawal

The Orunmila Barami Agbonmiregun, the World Ifa festival was held early June at the World Ifa Temple ( Ile Ifa Agbaye)  Oketase  Ile- Ife.

Interpreting this year predictions,  Ifagbemi Aderemi   said  Orunmila postulates  (odu Ifa) Ogunda Iwori /Ogunda Arado – Ire gbogbo, which translates to caution, honesty, wealth and economic recovery.

He said this new Ifa year is promising and will witness abundant blessing but some nations will engage in war over supremacy and resources control.

He said Ifa predicts more blessing for women wood as Osun Goddess surfaced prominently during several consultations and advise the worshipers to take care of their female children and at same time offer sacrifice to Osun Goddess.

Aderemi said, “Ifa says we must make offering to Osun this year.  Osun will provide more blessings this year,  we must equally take good care of the female children, wives in our lives in this year, blessing and  abundant wealth will be more concentrated in women folks.

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“Nations must make sacrifice to prevent war and doom and no matter small any deity people are worshiping, they must offer sacrifice, those warnings are very important and worshipers are advise to strictly adhere to them.”