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Ife Pastor Urges Residents M.K.O Philanthropic Gesture

By Sodiq Lawal

The founder of God’s Covenant Prayer Ministry in Ile Ife, Prophet Peter Adegboyega on Monday called on residents to imbibe the gesture of Late Chief Moshood Abiola of giving  to the less privileged in the society.

In an exclusive interview with Ife City News, Prophet Peter appraised late M.K.O for his financial assistance which  resulted in the construction of 63 Secondary Schools, 121 Mosques and Churches, 41 Libraries, 24 Water Projects in 21 states of Nigeria, and  as grand patron to 149 societies and  associations.

He stated further that late Moshood  Abiola was a dedicated supporter of the Southern African Liberation movements from the 1970s and sponsored the campaign to win reparations for slavery and colonialism in Africa and the diaspora.

The prophet urged wealthy individuals in Ile Ife to imbibe the character of late M.K.O by assisting the less privileged members of the society.

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He called on the Christians to spend their wealth in the cause of God and repress their anger against others.

He also enjoined them to increase their deeds of charity and alms giving in prosperity and in adversity.

He however called on Ile Ife residents to continue to remain peaceful with one another irrespective of religious or ethnic differences.