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Ile – Ife Aje Shrine Forbids Picture

By Sodiq Lawal

Whether there is festival or not, snapping of Ile Aje Shrine is prohibited in the palace of Ooni.

Such practice is the exclusive preservation of any sitting Ooni of Ife. Ife City News learnt on Monday.

One of the worshiper of Ile Aje Shrine at Ooni’s palace, Mr Ajenifuja Adeleke said this while giving instructions to the tourists across the globe that thronged the shrine for tourism.

He called on the tourists not to snap pictures inside the shrine, saying it is against the tradition.

Adeleke told the tourists to keep their phones saying it is taboo to snap the deities in the shrine.

He said “when strangers come into the shrine and snap pictures, we don’t harass them, we only tell them it is against our tradition and they always abide by it by deleting the pictures”

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“Nothing bad will happen if someone snap the shrine but it is our tradition and we want to keep it that way.”