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OAU Manages Osun Research and Education Network

By Adejumo Kabir

The Osun State Research and Education Network are now being managed by Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Information and Technology Unit (INTECU).

Research and Education Network (REN) will now provide data communications networks and services to the research and education communities in the state.

According to available information on the university website, Osun REN will provide cheaper connectivity to member of institutions without going through the Internet and also enables e-education and e-science such as virtual meetings and teaching facilities, media production services.

“Community services such as e-campus services, VoIP, video conferencing services, web based collaboration, media distribution, social networking. It equally provides centralised training, capacity building and advisory services to their member institutions and mentorship to others such as local secondary schools.

‘Facilitates favorable pricing for Internet access and software licenses through collective bargaining, creates economy of scale for building and sharing high speed networks, expensive research equipment and other resources and aids inter-institutional collaboration, joint content development, sharing of large databases and research results.”

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“Facilitates linkages between academic and research community, industry, government and other international research and educational networks.  Provides a cheaper pathway for advice to member institutions on IT procurement, developing technical specifications and tender documents.” The university said.