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OAU Sportsmen Protests Over Accommodation

By Adejumo Kabir

The athletes of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)  today,  gathered at the students union building to stage a peaceful protest to the Division of Students Affairs over athletes category bed spaces.

The athletes accused the Division of Students Affairs for allocating the bed spaces for sportsmen to non-athletes.

Director of Sports of the Students’ Union, Adewumi Micheal,  demanded  that the sports-category bed spaces given to non-athletes should be withdrawn by the division and should be given to the appropriate students.

“We are marching to the office of DSA to demand what belongs to the sportsmen since they have decided not to respond to the yearnings of the athletes.”

While at the Division of Students’ Affairs, the sportsmen expressed their displeasure over the accommodation of their members.

A senior staff of the division while attending to the complaints promised prompt intervention on their accommodation.

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“The Dean is not around presently as she is at her inauguration as a Commissioner of Osun state. The Deputy Dean is not around as well, but both of them should be around tomorrow. So be rest assured that your case will be attended to by tomorrow.”

The sportsmen threatened to  paste eviction notice on halls of residence to evict occupants in the sports category  given them ultimatum of 24hrs to vacate those bed spaces.