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Ooni Urges USA to Discourage Secession Agitation in Nigeria

By Sodiq Lawal

The Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi(Ojaja II) has called on United State of  America and other Western countries not to engage in moves that could divide Nigeria saying mankind started from tropical Africa.

The African topmost monarch gave the warning while receiving​ the United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Stuart Symington and other top officials from American Embassy in his White House palace at Ile-Ife.

The Ambassador was on a courtesy visit to the Spiritual Leader of the Yoruba.

During the visitation, the Americans also toured the ancient city generally accepted to be the Traditional headquarters of Oduduwa race to see historical artifacts and heritage locations.

Ooni explained that the Western countries must see the growth of Nigeria as germane for the development of world.

He specifically warned against the use of resources to put other developing countries at disadvantage challenging the Western countries to invest in the development of Nigerian youths, saying that would promote peace and unity.

“I feel elated and excited to see you in our midst. I can feel your genuine passion for Nigeria and the entire black race. I can see that you have good prospect for this nation. I have also watched with keen interest the role you are playing in the development of Nigeria.

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Every human being in the world emanates from one mother recently researched by the Europe to have hailed from the tropical Africa which has its origin from Ile-Ife.

“Please go and carry out an independent Mitochondria DNA research to see the truth because several researchers have done Maternal Ancestry Testing and Maternity Family Tree DNA, the results have always been the same.

“We should therefore live in peace and extend our hands of fellowship to one another. We should preach peace regardless of our endowment. We should eliminate the problem of identity to move the world forward because we are just one family.

“I challenge the western world to stop supporting division along ethnic nationalities in the country. We do not want war; we do not want you to support division along tribal lines through sales of ammunitions.

“We want you to support our teeming youths to be employed, not war or division. We need you to enable us to grow not divided. We do not want war or intrusion but the development of our youths. Coordinate the West together to ensure that lives are better in Africa and entire world.” Ooni said

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The Arole Oodua also warned against segregation of people of black origin stating that all human beings originated from Ile-Ife. This, the Ooni,  could be backed up with historical evidences and recent researches.

Earlier, the US Ambassador, Symington, commended the Ooni for his leadership qualities and roles in ensuring the development of Nigeria and the continent of Africa.

While describing Ooni as an African significant personality for the development of Nigeria, the ambassador reiterated​ the support of America for the development of Nigeria.

“I have come as part of my journey to understand Nigeria deeper especially here being the source. It is my deep belief that you get to know a country from as many places and people that you can reach. I chose to come here because your Majesty’s several speeches and actions, you have become a major rallying​point for peace, unity and development not only in Nigeria but also in Africa.

Your Majesty, you undoubtedly represent majority in the country. You represent what Nigeria is, has been and can be with your extra-ordinary brilliance, not only in faith and trust but also in your leadership role. I am reminded how faith and trust should be commonly found in every part of the world.

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“I have read what you said about our ancient histories and I must commend you for preserving our lives, faith and values. The role you have played in helping this nation is significant for the whole Nigeria and this country is important to us and the future of the world.” He said.