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Orunmila And Opele Spiritual Bound

By Sodiq Lawal

The spiritual bound between Ifa and Opele has no limit.  Ifa  worshipers, hold the view that the two share common destiny.

Opele is one of the elements used to cast an Ifa reading. Orunmila detected Opele by using Ikin Ifa (oke Iponri) to cast the reading, and he is also the one who guides Orunmila on his way.

One day, Orunmila woke up in the morning and cast the reading of Odu that came out which was Ejiogbe .

Ifa said that when he gets to the market to buy some items, that he should first put money on something he does not want to buy.

When Orunmila got to the market he looked around for the items he wanted to buy, then he remembered the reading he made.  He encountered one slave (Irere) who had a limp leg and was handicap. Orunmila put money on the slave. Orunmila originally used Opele as a housekeeper and to clear the bush.

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Until one day clients who came to visit Orunmila noticed Opele working outside, before they reached Orunmila , Opele had started speaking their problems. Orunmila discovered Opele had knowledge,

Opele was once a human being. Orunmila loved him and treated him as he did his own children. Opele stayed in the house and divined for Orunmila visitors, but Opele started speaking ill of Orunmila.

Orunmila’s clients and the people started saying that Orunmila  did not have power, that Opele had more power than Orunmila.

One day when Orunmila was traveling, Opele was called to the Olofin’s palace to divine. While Opele was at the palace he committed a major offense.

When Orunmila returned to the town, Olofin invited Orunmila to the palace, and he explained all that Opele had done.

Orunmila was very angry, and he begged Olofin forgiveness for Opele’s offense. Orunmila did another reading for Olofin, and did a sacrifice for him.

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When Orunmila returned back home he called Opele. Opele started to insult Orunmila, so he took the Iroke and knocked Opele on the head. Opele broke into eight pieces. Orunmila didn not want to throw Opele away, so he joined the pieces together and used him to consult.

He has five elements. They are Bone (Egun), Cowries (Owo eyo), Stone (Okuta), Broken plate (Awo ti o fo), Snail button (be bere igbin).

The five elements of Opele stand for two options: Ire (good) and Ibi (bad) Ibo idi Opele  Orunmila was told  to feed Opele, but there is a specific way to feed it. It can feed it during and when he feeds Ifa, but can not put it on top of Ifa because it is a slave (eru ki ba olu a gun opo).

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