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The Power of Traditional Songs in Worshiping Gods

By Sodiq Lawal

Songs or music is an energy that holds no boundary. It affects the soul that listens to it positively or negatively.  Traditional worshipers believe song is a form of communication between the people and the Gods.

A traditionalist, Ifagbemi Aderemi in an interview with Ife City News said one of the best way to communicate Gods and interpret messages from Gods is song.  It is use to called deities down to answer offers.

He said each deity has its own song that could be used for prayer. “ When they make a sacrifice or feed  Orisa we are using songs to called all the gods down, we can use songs to make a peace between two deities and the same time provoke them.

According to him, power of music was more established in Odu Ifa Ogbe Sa, that narrates how the Apetebi became the wife of Orunmila.

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“Ifa relates that Orunmila went to war in town dominated by women ( Ilu Obirin) after all the efforts of the other Orisa were unsuccessful. Orunmila consulted Ifa, made the proper sacrifice and was able to defeat the uprising in Ilu Binrin. The town of Ilubirin was inhabited by only women.

“Orunmila used song to capture them in Ilubinrin town when the women were tied together with rope and taken back to the town where Orunmila resided.

“Orisas loves to be worshiped through songs. A person that connects to the forces through songs will never stop singing even when the song is finished or music stops playing in your ears exude, it will not stop in the inner lyrics of the spirit realms.

“If you are a constant worshiper of Olodumare,  Orunmila and others Orisa, through songs, you are a special vessel that they can communicate to, through an invocation of songs.” He said.

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