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Tunde Eso Advocates Students Participation in Nation Building

By Adejumo Kabir

The president of Fix Nigeria group, Tunde Eso yesterday admonished students of Obafemi Awolowo University to actively participate in nation building while speaking at Faculty of Arts Students Association symposium.

Mr. Tunde Eso enjoined students to cultivate the habit of reading in order to help the nation development.

He said: “Youths are the leaders of today while children are the leaders of tomorrow. Readers are leaders, therefore, let us take up the mantle of reading because it is one of the major ways to prepare for the task ahead.”

He also encouraged students to take up the mantle of Leadership in their respective communities and associations.

“Let us stand up today and take up the leadership mantle in our respective communities and associations”

Eso explained that the roles and participation of students in nation building starts from the ability to have a vision and pursue it without any form of doubt saying youths should stop criticizing government without providing alternative solutions to problems.

“Youths should rather stop parading those who marginalize and brought us to where we are now and support leaders with vision and aspirations for political position.”

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