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Ile Ife Hunters Call For Yoruba Unity

By Sodiq Lawal

The Nigerian Association Of Hunters, Ile Ife branch has emphasized the need for unity and love among Yoruba’s traditional Institution to promote meaningful development of the south-west Ethnic group in Nigeria.

The Hunters made the call during it’s meeting at Ile Nla in Ooni’s Palace on Wednesday.

The Chairman of the group, Chief Odetunde Adewole said that every part of Yorubaland is well endowed with So many natural resources but these can only harnessed when everyone is united.

He added that Yorubas must start appreciating potentials among themselves for the purpose of developing the race in order to regain its pride of place among other tribes in the world.

He tasked his co-hunters to ensure unity, saying that unity will eradicate social vices in the country if only embraced by all.

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The Chairman also urged the group to keep maintaining peace as the election of the group is far approaching.

Adewole  said that there would be unity in the group when the Stakeholders stop promoting themselves with personal image values, but ensure oneness of the group.

Also, the General Secretary of the association, Mr Odetayo Okikiola also sued for peace and unity among all sections of the country.

He said maintaining peace and unity will encourage the present government to provide basic amenities to the citizenry.

According to him, “unity and peace is what we need in this country for now. It is very important for coexistence irrespective of our tribe, culture and religion”.