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Interview: Students Welfare is Our Priority- OAU DSA

The newly appointed Dean of Student Affairs Division of Obafemi Awolowo University, Professor Ishaq Olalekan Aransi has promised students of the institution a better welfarism under his administration during an interview with IFE CITY NEWS reporter, Adejumo Kabir.

Q : Good afternoon, Can we meet you sir?*

A: I am Professor Ishaq Olalekan Aransi. I am the current Dean of Students Affairs, Chairman of OAU Muslim Graduates Association (UNIFEMGA) and the outgoing Head, Department of Local Government.

Q: How do you manage all these together?*

It has been God, you get appointed when people trust your integrity. The new appointment has hectic. People have been calling from home and abroad. It is indeed a call to duty and we commit everything to the hands of Almighty To help perform wonderfully well in office.

Q: To the business of the day sir, what to do you have for students of Obafemi Awolowo University?

Firstly, for over a  year now, there haven’t been any need for the school closure. I commend the students and all unions on campus for their calmness. We will work on the sustainability of this. By the grace of God, during my tenure, I will ensure that the welfare of students remains paramount in my heart and it has even started. I have met the union executives to avoid truncated calendar. Peace and tranquility must reign in our University.

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Q: So you mean the welfare of the students is your priority?

A: Of course as the Dean of students’ affairs, welfare of students should be and must be paramount. I will meet with the union leaders. Believe me, I will do the needful to safeguard the interest of students because that was why I was appointed.

Q: You will agree that accommodation is generating controversies between the division of students affairs and students this session, how do you tend to prevent future occurrence?

A: All these issues will be properly addressed under my leadership. They shall become things of the past. The problem is that the new intake is on the high side which has caused pressure on the facilities we have on campus. The university needs more hostels and we hope some philanthropic organisations can also contribute their quota.

Q: Don’t you think the University management ought to have allowed CBN to build more hostels other than new Senate Building?

A: Hmm, there is no crime in development. We should encourage innovation and make the university grow. The hostel is crucial but that should not stop the university from having a good Senate Building. My brother, hostel issue cannot also be compromised. Hostels are not increasing but students are increasing. This is where the problem lies. I can assure you that I have the interest of students at heart.

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Q : On the issue of security Sir, students have been clamouring that the university is currently tolerating cultism on campus, what do you tend to do on this?

A: The report has gotten to me and we are on top of the situation. The security unit of the institution is very much at alert to curb this. You see, some students forget rules and regulations of the system. Students swear on an oath of allegiance and one if the thing in the oath is never to be a member of any secret cult and if they have even being, they renounce. When an oath is made, it should be obeyed.

Q: What about the insecurity off campus Sir?

A: The University management is liaising with law enforcement agencies to provide adequate security for students. We don’t love to lose any of our students to thugs, cultists and other related evil perpetrators. But, those on campus are easy for us to monitor than those off campus. Regardless of that, we will ensure safety of every students of Obafemi Awolowo University with the help of God.

Q:As the Chairman of Muslim Community, what are you doing to quench the MSSN crisis on campus?*

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I have got my hands over note. I have all details and as the chairman of UNIFEMGA, the problem will be solved. The mosques closed down in halls will be renovated and put back to proper shape. Students should also maintain peace. The Muslim community is interested in one strong responsible students society. They should remain for progress to be achieved.


Q: What advise do you have for students?

A: They should inculcate what they think is right. They should take challenges and respect leaders. It is my joy to see OAU students making us proud tomorrow in the global world.