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July Curse: OAU Breaks Five Year Curse

By Matthew Edache

Pack your luggage, calls.

My heart wandered under tensed and mixed atmosphere, every system within my wretched body failed to perform its duty; the whole body was numbed and lifeless. Several thoughts came and drenched every cell within me. I still couldn’t find solace in my precious imagination and creativity that hitherto wrapped my comfort and escapism.

My hand itched to write, while my pen cried and eager to menstruate as I could not conceal my great displeasure and dissatisfaction.

The curse couldn’t be lifted. I said within myself as history was about to repeat itself on the great citadel and pinnacle of learning.  Shame encompassed me, though I have no might to avert it.

Since Obafemi Awolowo University has abused history and failed to pay utmost regard to it, and also ignored to learn from past events, many people thought we’re on the verge of embarking on strike again except, the inevitable occurs.

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OAU has inculcated the tradition of constantly embarking on strike every July, since 2012 acceptance fee strike. The astronomical increment in the university acceptance fee, from N2,000 to N20,000.This act of absurdity repeated itself for five years.

The following year was ASUU struggle, although, this was universal but the curse still continues. Two years after, the curse still could not be averted. The wicked devil was elated to continue this spell on the university. Ibikunle strike, this was an era when OAU students witnessed about three hundred and fifty increment in tuition fee. This struggle was lost as result of leadership ineptitude. And the management did what they know best “closed down the university”.

Four years after, the struggle continues, the code could not be deciphered. 2015 and 2016  NASU strike. This “July curse” gave birth to the popular slogan “OAU and thunder who strike pass?”

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A five year of strike and absurdity has been brought to an abrupt end. By early of July, 2017,  It was almost certain that strike was imminent, or that the “July curse” would happen again. The condition on campus was unbearable, some compared it with life in Nigerian famous prison “Kiri-Kiri”, it was nasty, cruel and tensed.

Students faced untold hardship as result of power outage that lasted for some days and inadequate water supply coupled with the erstwhile Acting Vice chancellor case that was in court.

Students were wearied and frustrated, relationship with management grew strained. And the judge was on the verge of sending us home, if not for the Kamikaze (miraculous wind) that moved his hand to amend his verdict as the result of public outcry and uproar coupled with protest that emanated from the erstwhile Acting Vice Chancellor sympathizers and restoration of light to campus the following day after students were pushed to the wall.

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The curse has been lifted, the spell lost its prestigious potency, and students have refused to go home, and my strength regained.

“July curse” finally might have ended, Drop your luggage!.

Matthew Edache, Bleeding Pen is a Student of OAU.