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The Nigeria Youths Dilemma and the Future

By Adejumo Kabir

“Yesterday, we looked forward to a better tomorrow, but, Today we mourn the loss of better yesterday” – Pa Rewane

After meeting some Nigerian youths and reading the activities of Nigerian youths online, I concluded saying that the future of our dear country is not certain.

Why? The Federal Government of Nigeria created ministry of youths and development that only concentrate on the high profile ‘over-aged’ Nigerian youths representing their self-centered interests than the poor suffering youths on the streets of the country.

Although,  I am still very young, but I am not stupid. I remember my parents reminding me that I am one of the leaders of tomorrow. (Well, I am doing that in my own way.)

It is so sardonic that tomorrow is yet to come as the dream seems to be a mere fantasy. Our youths have inherited the bad policies from the leaders who have chosen to drag the fortune of Nigeria back.

Hence, it is difficult for most youths in Nigeria to survive without venturing into dishonesty and immoralities. Why? A culture of corruption has pervaded Nigeria in all branches.

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After deep thought, I concluded that despite the fact that youths are characterized with creativity and zealousness, our rulers have failed on their part to pave way for youths to contribute to rapid growth of Nigeria. This has caused more harm than good to the humanity as over 80%  of our youths got their wealth through participating in the running or being cronies of some personnel in government.

Most youths have learnt that education is not valuable in Nigeria as government and other rich people in the country now concentrate seriously on entertainment.

Arguably, we find it difficult to get those that will sponsor youths leadership and entrepreneurial training from government but they prefer to sponsor disco dancers. They now sponsor musical concert, film show and so on than education. It should be well understood that I am not against such sponsorship, but I am of the opinion that Nigerian youths can contribute more to the country than entertaining the corrupt officials in our society who sponsored these programmes to avoid youths involvement in politics and decision making. A question disturbs me, could this be that our leaders want youths to be silent amidst corruption and moral bankruptcy?

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Often, the National Universities Commission (NUC) shut down unaccredited schools but I think they are yet to check the moral strength of the accredited ones.

I am a student of one of the acclaimed best universities in Nigeria and I can see for myself how students survive in a room designed by the varsity management for 12 students. Despite this, merit no longer holds a place in job opportunities.

Corruption has been inherited. You will agree with me that the country don’t have good leaders because our universities do not produce good leaders.

“When a process is illegal, the product will be illegal”. Since certificates are buyable, the products cannot value that it is work that produces honour.

The youths on the other hand are the architects of their misfortune. Why?  Many Nigerian youths don’t read beyond academics that goes on in their various schools.

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Nigerian youths now derive pleasure in robbery, cyber crime, oil bunkering and so on.

The big question, are these same youths clamouring for #not too young to rule? We must change our orientation first before thinking about restructuring. Restructure your mindset, then, we may begin to be optimistic about the future.

God bless.

Adejumo Kabir  is a 200 level student of Obafemi Awolowo University, a Student  Journalist and Public Affairs Analyst