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OAU Disciplinary Committee Exonerates Faculty of Art AGS on Sexual Scandal

By Adejumo Kabir

The Faculty of Arts students’ Association(FASA), Disciplinary Committee,  Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile – Ife, has dismissed sex scandal allegation  against the  association’s Assistant General Secretary, Komolafe Tolulope, and one Miss. Aishat,

The President of the association, Adegbite Abimbola, on the 9th of July at the association’s parliamentary session openly alleged the AGS of sexual indiscipline which attracts punishment in accordance with the value and ethics of the university.

The association legislative arms who considered the allegation weighty hurriedly referred the matter to  the disciplinary committee of the association to painstakingly investigate the allegation and report back to the house at the adjourned date.

Presenting the report on Friday at the open session of the FASA payment the committee described the allegation against the AGS as baseless and hence recommended it dismissal.

According to the committee, the allegation was based on assumption and probabilities without any substantial evidence as the president and his witness could not link Tolulope and Aishat to the said sexual scandal allegation.

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The Students Representative Council therefore adopted the committee’s report and dismissed the allegation for lack of evidence and recommended light punishment for the president for rising what the house considered as false allegation to disparage the integrity of Tolulope and mislead the house.

After several submissions from the parliamentarians, the house directed the president through a motion, to tender an unreserved apology to the AGS and Aishat, the Faculty of Arts, the faculty parliament, to be circulated online and published by at least one national daily newspaper and a copy should be bought and keep for future references.