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Obalufe Advocate Cultural Promotion

By Sodiq Lawal

The Obalufe of Ile Ife, Oba Idowu Olaniyi Adediwura, has stressed the need to promote and preserve the Yoruba culture for the benefit of upcoming generations.

Obalufe stated this while receiving some indigenes of Ekiti who stormed the palace on Wednesday for tourism.

He said the greatest thing binding the people is culture, urging the Yoruba to preserve their culture so that it can be transferred to the next generation.

He noted that the role of culture, tourism and heritage are interwoven and should not be thrown away.

“The result is clear. It can be seen in other countries that embrace their culture,” he said.

Adediwura decried what he described as the fast erosion of African culture, norms and values in preference for western cultures.

He lamented that the development has been the major catalyst for the wide growing violence in the contemporary society.

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He called on relevant authorities, particularly traditional institutions and families to rise to the task of ensuring the holistic preservation of African culture.

“Culture is very rich and we cannot allow it to go into extinction. It is regrettable that Africans, particular Nigerians are beginning to jettison their culture in preference for western culture which to me is in no way better than our culture”

“African culture is so rich such that even the westerners whose culture we are trying to emulate are even envious of our culture”

“To me, it is an aberration and indeed misnomer for us to begin to abandon our hitherto highly reverend culture for foreign culture. That again is why I stand very firm to call on all relevant authorities, particularly our traditional institutions to begin to do everything within our powers to preserve our culture from going into extinction”, he said.

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