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Raining Weather Crashes Sachet Water Business in Ile – Ife

By Sodiq Lawal

There is a noticeable decrease in the number of sachet water hawkers in Ile Ife as the demand for cold water decreases because of the incessant downpour in the area.

The hawkers and dealers in the commodity, popularly called ‘Pure water’ are lamenting low patronage.

The hawkers, mainly mothers and school- age children, have become few in the ancient city as they move hopefully to sale from street to street.

In an interview with Miss Yetunde Adelani who hawks the commodity in the ancient city, lamented that the incessant rain which is  preventing her from going about its daily business, as the rain grounded economic activities

She said the incessant rain has  made the demand for cold pure water low.

A dealer of the commodity, who simply identified herself as Oluwaseun, confirmed that there is low demand for sachet water with the cold weather.

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“My daily sales have almost reduced within the four days that the rain has started to fall”

“My generator is always on and we always have cold water but few hawkers come here to buy due to the rain ” She said.

An attendant in a factory in the city, Mr Favour Olaoye, said that “’there is very low patronage business now.

“It is expected because the weather is very cold so both the young and old do not need cold water now to survive.”

But Ife City News  search however indicated relative stability in the price which is between N150 – N 170 per bag with no increase or reduction in the last one month.