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Isese Day: Ife Motorcyclists Laud Aregbesola For Declaring Public Holiday

By Sodiq Lawal

The Amalgamated Commercial Motorcyclist Riders ( ACMR), Ile Ife branch, has commended the state government of Osun led by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola for declaring Monday as public holiday to commemorate the annual Isese day.

In an interview with Ife City News, the Chairman of the motorcyclists, Mr Tunde Akanbi appreciated the state government on the development, saying the holiday is in recognition of the annual Isese day.

“We appreciate Arebesola for declaring Monday as public holiday for Isese day. Government should use culture to promote national unity. This can be done by putting in place a cultural policy that will promote patriotism and national unity.”

Also, the Secretary of the association, Mr Ibrahim Ojo said if a fraction of the attention given to the promotion of football is extended to arts and culture, it would help spice up the country’s tourism sector.

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“Our cultures determines our value as a nation in the eyes of the world,” he said.

Ojo stressed that the arts and culture were legacies bequeathed to us by our forebears, but regrettably successive governments seemed to have placed less value on them.

“When you mention football then the culture of Brazil comes up, fashion calls to mind France and Italy. When you come to Ghana the kente, traditional music, drumming and folklore are what make us distinct in the world. We can never be like Brazil in the mind of the world no matter the quantum of investment we put into football”, Mr Ojo said.

He said although the whole nation loves the passion and entertainment value of football, people should be made to develop the same passion and value for our indigenous arts and culture.

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