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OAU Awo Hall Decaying: A Call For Sober Reflection

By Durodola Abiola Eportah

Our lives begin to end the day we begin to keep silent about things that matter -Martin Luther King

Revolutionary greetings to ever tartan Great Ife students in this austere period we find ourselves, a time lectures are winding down and tests are the order of the day in all faculties. I wish everyone success as we move a step closer to an examination period of two weeks.

My bemusement on the state of political headquarter of Great Ife, Awolowo Hall which we all know as “Castle of Great Men” and the university community at large necessitated this piece from me. I promise not to bore you and make this concise as much as possible.

Awolowo Hall has been a refuge for Great Ife students in times of trouble but it current state calls for sober reflection. There is also need for a one minute silence for the sudden demise of consciousness amongst its occupants.

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Greatest Ife, articulate Ife, many will agree with me that the state of our halls is insalubrious which has leave its residents at the detriment of the unpopular doctors at the health centre.

Need I say much about the giant grass as tall as humans that has found abode in the hall or the poor state of all the water tanks which has left us with no other option than coloured water?

The silence of the Hall executives and the union leadership to most of this anomalies is criminal and their failure to carry the members of the union along has contributed to this rot.

Therefore, it is very important for conscious Awoite to wake to this call and revive the dying consciousness in the hall.

Awolowo Hall annex has been cut off of water supply for four (4) weeks in a hall that has executives and a Central Executive Council , yet no official release. The popular Wembley stadium have been abandoned and has now turn to a jungle which animals in the forest can play, yet we keep mute. The greatness of Awolowo Hall is not in the decaying edifice but in the consciousness and the legacies laid by men that fate has brought to the hall during their pursuit of academic excellence while on campus.

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Conclusively, this is a time we should all stand up and call on the leadership of the union and the university management to make the hostel a haven.

The consciousness of the generality of Great Ife is what we need at the period in time when protégé of ‘Evans’ are surfacing on our scared land and threat to life is now on the increase so as not to give in for a repeat of 1999 attack.

As we prepare for exams, I will like to send my prayers to Great Ife students in the upcoming examination.

Durodola Abiola Eportah, Awolowo Hall Resident, OAU Ile-Ife, Nigeria