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OAU Campus Journalists Lauds Premium Times Investigative Training

By Adejumo Kabir

In the last two months, the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism, PTCIJ team has been on the road training campus journalists across the Nigerian universities.

The train got to Obafemi Awolowo University on 10th of August, 2017 as the Centre launched the Campus Reporter website as part of its programme to support evidence-based campus journalism in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

Over 40 campus journalists in OAU were engaged with topics such as craft and context of Journalism, Legal framework of accountability media, Basics of data journalism, Media ethics & professionalism, Holistics security and privacy tips for investigative reporters.

Olufemi Alfred, a campus journalist who writes for OAU kilonshele student described the training as a life changing experience.

Another campus journalist, Olawale Najeem said: “I have discovered journalism and through PTCIJ, I’m optimistic that the future is bright”

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Campus Reporter Android application built to provide hands-on template for reporting basic issues, events and activities in and out of the campus communities was also made available to the students.

According to Idris Akinbajo, the Managing Editor of Premium Times, The Campus Reporter Android application was inspired by the Code for South Africa’s Pocket Reporter application, which was customised with added features such as Ethics and extra story tips

The campus reporter website has been created to give campus journalists across the country the opportunity to showcase their dynamic talents and creative writing such as investigative reports, data-driven stories as well as multimedia contents podcasts, videos in their respective campus radio stations, print and blogsites.

The participants who publish on the website will become a new community of young investigative journalists who understand the ethics of the profession and will play a crucial role in the evolution of the media as we know it in the country.

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An exciting function of the site is its role as a resource; to help provide to the students and the general public, ethical guidelines and data journalism guides and resources.

The Campus Reporter Mobile Application is also available for download.

This application, developed by PTCIJ, will serve as a guiding tool to enable campus journalists prepare their stories.

The Ford Foundation supported program aims to train at least 200 campus journalists who will be able to showcase their investigative, data and multimedia reporting talents and also build a critical mass of future leaders of Nigerian newsrooms.