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OAU: When We Rape Precepts, We Ditch Values

Kazeem Olalekan  

It is no gainsaying at this point in time that our Union is not one losing its glory and values due to attacks from the management or any other external force but from the mismanagement and highhandedness from the powers that be in the union today.

From what has been viewed as a peak of utter dismay and disregard for the rule of laws, disregard for constituted authorities and a total mess for separation of power, the President of the Union went ahead to institute an Health Committee and had this involving some members of same SRC which had earlier ruled against such and had setup the Welfare Committee in consonance with the provisions of the Union’s Sacrosanct Constitution.

Not just is the health committee alien to Great Ife Students’ Union, the ability of an executive officer to institute a committee is more alien to the Union. However, in his defense, the President is coming up with an excuse that the Committee is setup due to many complaints he is receiving from students on health matters. Then does that mean if he receives complaints on academic matters, he would setup an academic committee or setup a TMC by himself if he receives complaints on transport matters.

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According to Section 48(3) of the Union’s Constitution, the select committee instituted by the SRC shall be responsible for setting up ALL committees of the Union other than the three which are meant to be instituted directly by the SRC. However, Committees setup by the Select Committee shall be approved by the SRC for them to start work (Section 48(4)). The President in this guise has taken up the duty of both the Select Committee and the SRC.

It must be noted that the President had earlier rubbished the existence of the Budgetary and Finance Committee through the purchase of a bus and had refused to recognize the existence of the Transport Management Commission in handling affairs of the bus and now, it’s the turn of the Select Committee. Who will be next? Will it be the President adjudging matters in place of the Judicial Council or conducting elections in place of the Electoral Commission? However, in any of these cases, the incompetence of the SRC is being exposed daily.

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When executive officers understand not the place of the legislature and decide to bully the system, this should be defined as autocracy. In this guise, it becomes quite necessary that the SRC awakes in responsibilities to ensure that this mess does not slide as it would serve as template for coming administrations to commit greater atrocities.

Kazeem Olalekan Israel (GANI) Member, Judicial Council, Great Ife Students’ Union