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Poor State of OAU Lecture Theatres

By Uthman Samad

It is highly sardonic and head-aching as the background  cornerstone, has shifted to be but just a mere entity which can be given hey as anything.

I feel discomfort always whenever I get to class and realise the kind of environment students are subjected to while receiving lectures, writes  tests and examinations. Our university managements take less look into those challenges.

A class that was built initially to occupy 500 students will be occupied by over 800 students. Looking at the figure differences, one would think of how conducive that environment is for learning, how would easy assimilation be achieved in this kind of environment? I doubt favoring answer to this question.

Our lecture theatres are as worst as old barn where no cognisance is placed to where lectures are been received. Our school management is always on projects which they claim to be developmental while our hostels are bedbug ridden.

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But come to justify these stances as:

1.) How would out of other priority and needs would our elderly and highly educated Senate justify and reach the idea of building best Senate building -where the old one is still befitting and okay and the extension is on construction – where our halls of residence is as awful and highly appalling for human abode.

2) Is Senate building our problem on this campus? Where the lords of the hall -almighty bed bugs  has now been invading our lecture theatres Our university management should be ashamed of their self if this question cannot be answered, which makes me arrive at a conclusion that “if our own generation is as this distasteful (which we are praying to be fruitful), how would our children’s be?”

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Uthman Samad, is a Student of English Department, OAU