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A Time to Sleep with One Eye Open on OAU Campus

By Bin Zak

Prior to the 1999 cultists’ attack in O.A.U, it was reported that there were series of security threats on campus. While this threat reached its climax, a coordinated and calculated attack was launched on campus by some cult members. Though this premeditated attack was masterminded in order to eliminate some student activists, the hatched plan directly and indirectly affected the generality of OAU students.

Currently, OAU is facing series of security threats. Physical assaults, public threats, smoking at night in public places (opposite Amphi, Dramatic Arts, Anglomoz, SUB) have been the order of the day. These locations have been transformed into jungles of vultures and predators.

The peak of this security threat was a cult-like attack engineered by some persons on Angola hall chairman. The assailants in persons of Josh, (Geography student) Sirmon, (Geology student) Chawlee, (Dramatic Arts student) and Lapai(English student) launched a vehement attack on Ak Wisdom (Angola hall chairman) and also attempted to abduct him before their plan was foiled.

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It’s pertinent this campus remains a sacred land free of cultism because cultism epitomizes the height of impunity. Any society where cultism reigns, the only mechanism to resolve controversy is iron and blood instead of superiority of argument. The existence of cultists on this campus signifies the beginning of anarchy. Every student will be vulnerable to attack in the day and night if these baboons are allowed on campus. OAU will become the survival of the fittest where unarmed and defenseless students are liable to victimization.

We ought to see while crying. Almost everybody was baffled with an attempt to kidnap a hall chairman; logically it was quite impossible for students who were not ardent criminals to attempt such an action. The height of criminality of these 4 students was proven by some students as they claimed that series of atrocities had been unleased on them but attention was not given to them by the public. It’s important we do not make the mistake of paving way for class structure in OAU, a situation where attention will only be given to the victimization of popular students.

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My advice to everybody who belongs to any cult group in OAU is to renounce their membership or vacate this sacred land in order to avoid being utterly crushed because OAU students will regularly intensify vigilance and maintain high level of alertness in resisting all ramifications of cult like activities. Even a lion which intended to reside in OAU must learn how to comport itself with her existing custom. Otherwise, such a lion is liable to destruction. OAU students will not relent in their effort to oppose cultism as this was recently exhibited in few days ago in Angola hall.

Bin Zak is a  member of Socialist Youths League, Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolwo University