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Where is that Greatness of OAU Students’ Union ?

Rukayat Olamide Ajibade

A lot of people might disagree that the union is not great anymore, but with much factual and objective appraisal of events that have piloted the affairs of the Union under the present leadership, one would be forced to see things the way it should have not been.

Since the inception of this administration, it has only succeeded in bringing more harm to the students and no good whatsoever. While it remains fact that the welfare of students bothers round academic welfare, health and access to facilities, it appalls to note that the present state of these welfare inducing facilities speak less of what is expected in any human community talk less of the Great Awovarsity.

In the past few days, students have had to join long queues to fetch water, Moremi for instance has had to patch electricity with Archi studio, yet in a frustrating epileptic supply. This extends to poor academic environments with inadequate laboratory equipments among others.

Over two weeks ago now, some students were suspended for protesting against the poor welfare conditions we resumed to on campus right at the beginning of a new semester. The students were beaten and arrested unjustly by our “Adolf Hitler”  management. Unfortunately, our accidental union leaders condemned the protest and called it KANGAROO, and this led to the suspension of comrades a tactic that the management has devised to always keep students mute, stop us from voicing out and keep on living in the poor conditions.

The suspension of these students has been greeted with all sorts of hypocrisy across board with the Union leaders making up eye service and a mockery driven gesture of silence towards the cause at hand. The leadership is one which now tussles for glory where there’s none but would do nothing to effectively serve students in line with their manifestoes and tenets of our Union.

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In another light, the university has kick started actions to effect an increment in fees paid by undergraduate students just as what is bequeathing the post graduate students. It should be noted that the cause of this is the sheer mismanagement of funds of the institution by the school authority coupled with the underfunding of the university and education sector of the nation at large by the federal government. While the academic proficiency of the school authority should best be put to use in efficiently devising means of tackling financial issues facing the institution, the authority have rather chosen the innocent party to bear the guilt of ineptitude and incompetence of the leaders. How then does the institution lead when it has no objective nor tangible way forward to challenges of the country in its own microscopic domain?

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The same union that reversed the management’s decision on fee hike, the union that arrested and detained dss in angola for attacking jingo on awo soil, the union that forced the federal government to dualized ife/ibadan expressway, the union that reversed suspension of union leaders the same day they got the letter, now the same union, students are being suspended and the school is as calm as if nothing happened.

 Are we still having the same union??

The answer is definitely NO, the Great Union past heroes fought for has been totally ridiculed and turned to a Puppet that cannot fight for the reinstatement of its comrades. The Union leaders today have successfully killed and buried consciousness among students and have subjected students to a poor living condition that cannot fight against mass failure, cannot say NO to unlawful arrest and detainment of students at Floor O, cannot fight against mass failure and many more

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Dr. IBK Led adminstration has successfully removed the greatness in our union and turned it to a figure head union.  Our dear union is not great for now, but we shall rise and become GREAT again.

Nothing Shall Discourage Us