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OAU Power Outage: DSM Condemns Arrest Of Protesting Students

By Adejumo Kabir

The Demotratic Socialist Movement (DSM),  Obafemi Awolowo University chapter has condemned the arrest of  some student activists that protested last Friday by the university security unit.

DSM, OAU Secretary, Micheal Lenin in a statement made available to IFE CITY NEWS claimed that ten about 10 students who protested against power outage on campus were arrested and detained  at  Moore police station, Ile –Ife.

He said “it is ridiculous that the same university authority that instructed students to resume could not provide enabling atmosphere for students to study peacefully. Students’ hostels are in horrible conditions while less than 50% of students could get accommodated in the overcrowded hostels. Rather than renovate the hostels and build new ones, the university is wasting hundreds of millions in a new Senate Building”

“We ask; how will arrest of students who are demanding better welfare condition, resolve the worsening conditions of living on campus? Why is the management leaving leprosy to attend to skin rashes? Why killing the messengers and ignoring the message”

The group further buttressed that the university security unit ought to maintain peace and orderliness on campus and not to be used to attack and brutalized the students which they were employed to protect.

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