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OAU Sports Council Gets Donation From NLTF

The sports’ council of Obafemi  Awolowo University received donations comprising of sports kits such as footballs, jerseys, track suits, bags, foot wears, socks from the National Lottery Trust Fund (NLTF) .

During the event which took place at the Industrial and General Insurance Company (IGI) building of the university on Tuesday, the NLTF South West Zonal Executives led by the Chairperson, Hajia Buari presented the donated items to the Director of the University Sports’ Council, Mr. Adamu Abu.

Adewumi Michael , Students’ Union Director of sports,  in company  of the university sports’ council and athletes were in attendance.

Buari, while speaking to our reporter aid the intervention cut across all the universities in the South West.

She said “National Lottery Trust Fund has made some interventions ranging from health to sports but we have  choose to contribute to sports this time around. We look forward to the effective use of the donated items so that our athletes can win Olympics medals. This is our little contribution towards the development of sports.” Hajia opined.

Students’ Union Director of sports, in an interview said  “actually, this is a nice move by the National Lottery group and we, the generality of Great Ife Students, appreciate their efforts. But such a good work should not be limited to football alone, it should be extended to other sports. I implore the Sports’ council to release the donated kits for students to train and not keep it unused inside the store.” Adewumi stated.

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Director OAU Sports’ Council, Mr Adamu Abu described the donation as a welcome development adding that the university will continue to reach out to other donors for the sport development in the university and promised to make the kits available for the athletes’ use.

“This particular donation was actually made for the school football team. We shall make them available to the team. They now have a lot of balls and new boots which they will now train with.”  He added.