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OAU Suspended Students  Threatens Legal Action Against The University

By Adejumo Kabir
Between October 11 and 12, Oluwalade Babatunde, a part 3 student of the department of English; Omole Ibukun a final year student of the of the department of Civil engineering and John Udeh, English department, part 2 were handed a suspension letter, dated 6th of October.
According to the letter titled ‘Suspension from the University over criminal activities pending police investigation of your criminal activities’ stated that the suspension was as a result of their disruption of school activities, vandalization of a commercial bus and the forceful release of the students who were being interrogated at More police station.
Babatunde, The Chairman of the Transportation Committee (TMC) of the students union while exornorating himself from the violence allegations.
He said “due to the congressional resolution of the Students that there should be a lecture boycott and a peaceful one on that Friday against the power supply, as the Chairman for TMC told the bus drivers about the communique received and that they should not come to campus to avoid any problem. On the day of the protest, I was with my HOD and not along with those who protested and I have was surprised that I was suspended.
“Though my online portal has been blocked all these while and I have been on the complaints to the computer until this letter came in. I was part of those who went to the police station to clamour for the release of the students, the bus drivers they were talking about followed us after I have sensitized them about the arrest and no bus was vandalized “
Also Omole Ibukun, who expressed his surprise on receiving said;
“As a matter of fact, I just arrived on campus. I was in Osogbo during the protest and I was surprised to receive the suspension letter. This is the second time I will be suspended by the management. The first time, I did not take any legal against institution but now, I will have to take legal actions because they cannot continue wasting my time.”
Babatunde told IFE CITY NEWS that if he is not reinstated, he will resort to legal actions againt the university.


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