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OAU : Why We Impeached Students’ Union President- Parliament

By Adejumo Kabir

Oyekan Ibukun, the Students’ Union President of Obafemi Awolowo University was on Saturday impeached by the legislative arm of the Union.

The clerk of the parliament, Iyiola Oluwatosin in a statement said the impeachment of the union president was constitutional and followed the laid process.

He said the president was impeached for violence tendency and insult on great Ife Students Union with the invasion of suspected cultist to attack the union members.

“It should be clearly noted that the President was impeached because he used the Students’ Union bus to convene suspected cultists to campus on November 1st, 2017 to threaten the peace of Obafemi Awolowo University Community just to defend his Adolf Hitler manner.

“ At this point in time permit me to clearly state that the general public that  the President has been constitutional impeached according to Article V, Section 67 Subsection  1-2”

“Article V, S.67(1), stated that any officer of the Union shall cease to hold office if a motion for his removal is supported by two thirds of the member of the SRC present and voting at a meeting provided quorum is formed.”

“Permit me to relate to you that parliamentarians present during voting were 51 and the quorum is (50), 2/3 of the member of Student Representative Council of 51 should be 34 and 37 voted which make it more than valid.

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“To further guide the general public, the constitution further spelt it in Section 67 subsection 2(a) A notice in writing is given to the Speaker of the SRC that the conduct of the officer be investigated so as to ascertain whether he is guilty of misconduct in the performance of the functions of his office. 2/3 of parliamentarians present at the sitting has power to make resolution more than valid.


“Section 2b Which further validate the impeachment states that 150 students or 1/3 of the Parliament must have notified the Speaker, as the custodian of document for the parliament, a notice duly signed by 150 students was passed through me to the Speaker and as such it makes the resolution more than binding.

“Based on the above, I implored the general public to see Mr. Edward Ibukun as a mere joker who likes to joke with the truth. I know Dr. IBK has he his popular called would gather his boys to resist the truth but the fact remain that he has been constitutionally impeached.

“I implore the general public to deal with Mr. Edward Ibukun as a member of the Union and not as President. It should be clearly noted again here that the Parliament has been fair in dealing with the impeached President before now but bringing cultists to and out of OAU campus with the Union Bus is the acme of it” the Clerk said.

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The parliament has also promised to forward an official letter to the university management stating clearly the offence of Oyekan Ibukun

The impeached president, Ibukun had in a release on Saturday faulted the impeachment process saying it is not tandem with the constitution.

Ibukun said the impeachment is not valid. “I use this medium to inform you all that the impeachment is not tandem with the sacrosanct constitution of the union

“The Parliament has 150 honourables and only 37 honourables voted for the impeachment of the president against zero. This is evident of their sinister plan and motive”

After the impeachment of the president, the SRC further suspended the Students Union Secretary General; Boluwajaiye Adeoluwa and the Public Relations Officer; Okediji Simon for two weeks for being absent at the parliamentary sitting.

It would be recalled that the President had earlier faced a two weeks suspension during N3 million controversial bus purchased.

However, with the decision of the Parliament as stated by the constitution, the Speaker is expected to assume the office of the President of the Union due to the vacancy of the office of Vice President of the union.

Meanwhile, some students of the institution have said that the impeachment of the President will divide the union and will not make it possible for the union to fight for the reinstatement of some students that were suspended by the university after protesting over poor welfare condition on campus.

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Bamimore Awoyemi, a student of department of English said the problem of the Union is power tussle. “I agree with the impeachment of the president but it so painful that this will be the discussion of every students till the end of the administration. We don’t know the fate of the suspended students”.

Another student who identified herself as Foluwake said: ” I’m not surprised though. But I hope the leadership will leave their selfish interest to fight for the generality of OAU students”

Two months ago the university suspended the Vice President of the union, Jacob Tosin and Director of Socials, Adedayo Emmanuel for engaging in a combat over fund issue.