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Great Ife Students’ Union And The Glory Of The Latter Days

Kazeem Olalekan Israel

History would absorb the IBK led administration as an embodiment of bunkums who contributed to the attack on Students’ Unionism in the nation. While it is much of appall to have an autocratic executive body with no respect for rules of law, the parliament which accommodates a bulk of omo oju o r’ola ri has equally contributed to the bulk of shame. The recent suspension of Students’ Union activities by the accidental Vice chancellor of OAU, Prof Ogunmodede cannot be alienated from the fact that his boy who was once the President of the Union lost his seat by a calamitous defeat in a clash of titans.

The impeachment of Dr Ibk as president of the Union based on his role in the November 1 fracas that took place on campus is a long awaited affair but came at a time when the hand holding the axe was equally soiled. The President in a dubious manner had summoned an emergency sitting following the fugitive journey of some prodigal sons from the SRC led by the Speaker who went to Abuja on a fun trip with Union funds and went to disgrace the Union by doing decent begging which fetched them a sum of #50,000 from Sen. Omoworare. In fact, it would be interesting to note that they further made attempts to extend their begging parole to other persons such as Lasun Yusuf and co but were denied due to short notice. It was at this fun trip of theirs to the National Assembly that the President sought to pass a budget of 10.5 million naira for his office when majority of the members of the SRC including its leadership were out of campus.

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However, in a sense of shock to him, he received a great resistance from progressive Students who were then around and as such resorted to violence in response to the disappointment by mobilising thugs from town to wreck havoc on Students. It must however be noted that the resistance of students wws impede the President from passing his budget till the return of the prodigal children from their jolly trip to Abuja which lead to him being dealt with ruthlessly by the House. This fetched the President of the Union his lawful impeachment and brought an unexpected grieve to the school authority as it was the end of a “good boy”. IBK is not greater or equal to the Union and as such an end to his terrific reign should not be an end to the Union. However, little wonder as to how and why the VC responded to the turn of things at this time with his recent barbaric action.

It is therefore so unfortunate that the VC, all in the quest to destroy a very strong Union and increase anxiety cum fear amongst Union members here on campus has ordered for the suspension of Union activities while terming Union members ‘miscreants’ amongst others. The undemocratic suspension of Union activities on campus, and the sealing up of all entries to the Union Building by the University management shows how devilish the Vice Chancellor is. It must be noted that ever since Ogunmodede assumed post as the Vice Chancellor of the University, he has always been victimizing students and crushing dissent. He has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is a devil in human skin that owe nobody subordination. No doubt, Ogunmodede has been trying so hard to whip every segment of the Union into the position of his choice all in the name of having a weak Union by holding Union members rigidly with Iron Bars and also by treating deviant members of the Union with disdain by using various instruments of intimidation and coercion such as suspension, physical assault though the use of security operatives like the one that was witnessed on the 6th of this month where members of the school security operatives used sledge hammers on students that resisted them from forcefully welding the Union Building.

Ogunmodede is a man that has all the opportunity in life to write his name in gold but choose rather for selfish interest out of sheer ignorance and naivety to write it on the other side of history. The recent happenings on campus have shown that Ogunmodede is a monumental disaster that befell this University, in fact, one can easily conclude with his acts against humanity that he is an overrated misfit in the cloak of a University Professor. His 5 months in office as the Vice Chancellor of the University has been like a direct experience in hell fire. He has been treating the larger populace with disdain which depict that he is a fruitless man with no decency.

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The recent action of Ogunmodede in unjustly interfering in our Union activities which lead to the suspension of Union activities shows that the he detest truth and transparency because he has totally go against his declaration for a hitch free academic calendar. However, we are very much aware of the game being played by the devilish Vice Chancellor of the University because what he aim for is to crush dissent and makes the Union members to be vulnerable to his attacks that would be launched soon ranging from suspension of more students unjustly, increasing of tuition fees amongst others.

Anyways, we must all remember that to destroy is always very easy and need little effort. But we must be reminded that those who specializes in destruction of other’s efforts will find their own destruction awaiting them ahead. Nevertheless, this is the time to form a common front, unite and fight the common enemy of the Union which is the University management.

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Kazeem Olalekan Israel (GANI), is a student of  Political Science, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.