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Oduduwa University Holds 5th Convocation Lecture

By Adejumon  Kabir

The Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu, has concluded her 5th convocation with a public  tagged “The National Question, Ethnic Nationalism, and the State of the Nation”

Professor Godini  Darah  while delivering the lecture expressed concern over division among pear groups in Nigeria today.

He said Nigerian groups appear more divided now than the previous eras as the conflict and tension amongst geo-political regions, ethnic nationalities, socio-economic classes and political associations is sometimes so acrimonious that Nigeria gives the impression of being perpetually at war with itself.

“The capitalistic ideology of primitive accumulation associated with the oil economy makes corruption endemic and incurables. Nigerian politics is driven primarily by the ambition to acquire political power for sharing of the booty of the public revenue. The Nigerian constitution vests the ownership of all minerals, waterways and ports in the central government in Abuja.”

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“Unemployment rate is high, so is crime rate such as the boko haram insurgency, fraud and bestial crimes like human trafficking and trading of human part for ritual purposes. The reason for these is connected to the economic backwardness and incompetent government processes.”

The don further said that many people are quite comfortable with the idea of the multiplicity and plurality of ethnic unit in Nigeria which has caused more harm than good.

“The history of the evolution of Nigerian federation reveals that ethnic nationalism was not a negative factor at the initial stage. The literature shows that the conflicts at the early stage were from regional and geopolitical sections. The creation of regional government and the founding of national parties followed in the wake of ethnic rivalry. The consequences of these development on national politics have been well documented by historians and political scientists.

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” In the matter of democratisation of the Nigerian system, the struggle by the ethnic minorities constitutes a watershed.”

He however posited that  ethnic or national organisation are legitimate of multi national Nigerian society  but the government have not been able to provide the services required by the populace

“Ethnic nationalists have been in the vanguard of the struggle for freedom, independence and federalism. Their efforts resulted to creation of states and local government and contributed to the final defeat of military regimes in the late 1990s. In light of this rich experience, we look forward to more ideological focused agitations and pressures by ethnic nationalities in the current popular campaign for restructuring of Nigeria”, he argued.

Dignitaries at the lecture include the Chancellor of the institution; Dr. Ramon Adedoyin, Chief (Mrs) Iyabo Adedoyin; Chairperson, Board of trustees, Prof. Muib Opeloye; Chairman Governing Council, Prof. Chibuzo Nwoke; Vice Chancellor, Mrs. Adeline Adeyemi; Registrar and other principal officers including with students convocating.


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