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IAPC Admits APCA, Pledges Partnership

Hon Kehinde Bamigbetan

The International Association of Political Consultants has admitted the Association of Political Consultants- Africa as its partner.

The IAPC took the decision during the general meeting  at its 50th conference which held in Reykjavik, Iceland from November 9 to 12, this year.

A statement by Programme Manager,  APCA  ,  Damilola Aladebisi said IAPC has equally pledged a partnership with Africa political consultant.

Formally inviting the president of the APCA, Mr.Kehinde Bamigbetan to address the general meeting, the conference chairman, Mr.  Mehemet Ural announced that the IAPC was excited  about the potential of the partnership between both organisations in making democracy work in Africa and the world at large.

Addressing the meeting, Bamigbetan said APCA was inspired by the IAPC’s track record of providing a forum for political consultants to exchange ideas and develop best practices while opening up the world for democracy.

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He presented a report on the activities of APCA since inception highlighting the establishment of the Africa Political Summit and Diamond Awards held  in Cape Town, South Africa in January 2016 and Lagos, Nigeria in April, this year as key achievements.

He said his administration would strengthen both regional and national chapters of the APCA to ensure that quality research and expertise are offered to parties, candidates and government to enable voters take informed decisions.

“As the practitioners on the ground, we offer collaboration with consultants working on

African briefs and hope to use the IAPC forum to gain international exposure and knowledge.

Bamigbetan ‘s speech was rewarded with generous applause as other regional organisations such as the European Association of Political Consultants and the American Association of Political Consultants pledged their support to the APCA.


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