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OAU as Centre of Tourists Attraction

The greatness and beauty of great ife cannot be over emphasized. The campus of Obafemi Awolowo University can be regarded to as a center of tourist attractions with many beautiful unique features.

Today,  pupils from schools do come into the citadel on an excursion just to behold her beauty. Even students from other universities both in Nigeria and abroad cannot resist the greatness of this ivory tower. Here are the features that make Great Ife a unique centre of attraction

1) The TALLEST BUILDING in OSUN STATE is in great ife. The Senate building which is a gigantic structure  which comprises of offices of top officers of the university and the school Senate, is regarded to as the tallest building in OSUN State and one of the tallest in Southwest Nigeria

2)  OLYMPIC STANDARD SWIMMING POOL: You probably might have seen a swimming pool in a hotel, recreation centre etc but have you seen an Olympic standard one like the one we have here in great ife? This kind of swimming pool is rare in Nigeria but here in OAU we are proud owner of one.

3) AMAZING STRUCTURES AND BUILDINGS:  You may think think you have seen it all, but if you step into Great Ife, you will “bow”. Outstanding structure like the Spider building, sports complex, amphitheatre, first clas libary etc are all world standard. The structures built during the early days by the Israeli architecture is estimated to last forever. Don’t call yourself a student of Architecture in Nigeria, if you haven’t been to great ife

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4) THE LARGEST HALL OF RESIDENCE IN WEST AFRICA is in GREAT IFE: The Obafemi Awolowo Hall, popularly known as AWO HALL is reportedly the largest Hall of resident in West Africa and probably in the whole Africa. It is often refer to as the Power house and headquarters for great ife students. The terrain where strong men are made.

5)OAU   MUSUEM: The university is also a proud owner of a musuem where visitors or tourists can easily access for study, research and pleasure.

6) The university is also a good centre of attraction because of its ORGANISED HIGHWAY AND TRAFFIC,  balance in Ecosystem, well serene environment, absence of cultism, good power supply and many other  facilities lacking in other universities of her kind.  Get ready for a future group event during end of the session break  titled “OAU photoshoots day” where students will snap pictures and upload it on the group during  the event. The highest like will emerge winner.


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