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Downpour Rattles Ile -Ife, Modakeke Residents

By Sodiq Lawal

Residents of Ile Ife and Modakeke, State of Osun have lamented the effects of the recent heavy rainfall in the areas since Sunday to Tuesday, leaving in its trail flooded streets, houses, churches, shops and markets, with huge economic losses.

The downpour caused a power outage among various areas like Akarabata, Owode, Oju Odo, Mayfair community and many others areas in Ile Ife and Modakeke where vehicular traffic was hampered and roads were flooded, making passage on these roads near impossible.

The deluge also prevented most people without private means of transport from attending religious services; with attendance at several churches scanty since worshippers used the downpour as an excuse to stay indoors on Sunday.

Traders were also prevented from going about their daily business, as the rain grounded economic activities.

Roads were free but most bus drivers and Okada riders could not operate because of the intensity of the downpour and few commuters on the roads.

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Meanwhile, our correspondent investigation established that lack of proper drainage  and water channels in some areas like Oju Odo, Mayfair and Akarabata resulted in the flooding of some residential houses and shops.

The rain started at about 8:30pm on Sunday and continued till about 11pm and on Monday the rain started about 10:02pm till 10:15 while on Tuesday the rain started about 8:23am to 8:31am.

The recent downpour forced men, women and children to stay at home. While some families were seen draining water from their homes using pumping machines, others resorted to scooping with containers.

In some areas, residents were overwhelmed by the volume of the surging water and watch helplessly not knowing which of their valuables to salvage.

Some residents, who spoke to our reporter expressed sadness over the development, lamenting the havoc wreaked by the flood.

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“It was the cry of my children that woke me up,” lamented Mrs Lawal Yetunde , a widow whose two bedroom apartment was flooded.

She said her children were sleeping on the floor when they noticed an unusual coldness, which jolted them from their sleep.“The speed with which the water spread to the entire house was alarming. There was nothing we could do to salvage our valuables,” she said.

The worst affected areas are Akarabata, Owode, Ondo Road, Opa, Mayfair, and Oju Ode

It would be recalled that Ife City News has reported the prediction of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) of cloudy weather with a t-storm on Sunday and shower or t-storm in spots in the ancient town of  Ile Ife, State of Osun.

The agency predicted that the ancient town would experience cloudy to cloudy on Sunday morning hours with day and night temperatures in the range of 34 to 24 degrees Celsius.

It also predicted that the town will experience a shower or thunderstorm on Monday with day and night temperatures in the range of 33 to 37 and 34 to 24 degrees Celsius.

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