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How Excess Salt, Sugar Aggravates Diabetes and Cancer –Expert

By Sodiq Lawal

The Director Of Nursing Service at Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Ile Ife, State of Osun, Mr Samson Popoola has said eating too much salt and sugar can lead to hypertension, diabetes and cancer.

In an exclusive interview with our correspondent on today, he warned residents of the ancient city and Nigerians at large to shun excess sugar and salt consumption.

He noted that hypertension is the number one killer of the adult population due to its link to heart diseases, saying that Africans are more susceptible to this condition because of their intolerance for sodium, a major component of salt.

He added that Africans eat too much of salt and sugar and genetic make-up is not compatible with salt and sugar use, as it increases the risk of hypertension.

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He explained that too much sugar and salt lead to hypertension and causes damage to the blood vessels and vital organs in the body when it is not controlled, leading to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other organ failure.

Popoola said the high prevalence of hypertension globally is a major reason why many die of  manageable disease.