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OAU Students’ Unionism And The Hope Of Tomorrow


By Kazeem Olalekan Israel (GANI)

If, or when the history of OAU Students’ Union is being recorded for the benefit of posterity, i am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that some disgruntled and never-do-well elements in the Union would receive a negative and a dishonorable mention in such chronicles. It is a known fact that the elements which the hand of providence has gifted this Union are people who lack sincerity and consistency of purpose in the advancement of human course.

However, it is so unfortunate that this unscrupulous elements in our Union have been going round with failed and unrealistic promises of building bridges where none is needed; the kind of campaign that was launched by the APC during the 2015 general elections in selling their sick candidate to the country which has proven to be indignity to the country considering the mess we are in today. It is high-time we realised that such campaign is what is being employed by an unintelligent, ineloquent, uncourageous, unindefatigable, irrebellious, inexperienced opportunist and fiercely godson to a mini-godfather to boot candidate that is contesting for the Union President. It is so embarrassing and an insult on the principle which our Union stand for if an inexperienced opportunist become the Union President of an institution that is revered as the mecca of political consciousness, the medina of intellectualism and the jerusalem of scientific aluta.

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It is a known fact that our Union is terribly sick and in dire need of a diplomatic, intellectual and courageous physician whose participation in Students’ Unionism cannot be over-emphasised and not a dummy that is being pushed by some cabals especially the landlord of Awo Block 8 who is so hell-bent in remote-controlling his candidate from the outside world after he might have graduated.

I cannot help but laugh when i read the manifesto of this inexperienced opportunist that is also contesting for the Union President considering the lies and deceits that it is blended with. It must be stated categorically that himself and his mini-godfather has fallen off the tree of ideas considering the unrealistic way forward to take the Union out of the doldrums his manifesto is filled with. I cannot help but shook my head for the future of the Union because i cannot think what the Union would be like if the mantle of leadership fell on him.

It is so unfortunate that the formidable physical presence this candidate has considering his fierce body mass is nothing in comparison to his brain. He has proven with his attitudinal weighed manifesto that himself and his mini-godfather are ignorant of the solutions to the problems confronting the Union. Until we all shift from supporting candidates based on sentiments, the ship of our Union would continue to capsize.

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For the sake of emphasis of clarity, it is important i put it to the conservative bent maverick that his manifesto is watery and idealess which is a pointer to the fact that he is ignorant and has no reputation to protect when it comes to taking the Union out of the doldrums. The ridiculousness of the inordinately inexperienced opportunist contesting is that he has no significant or insignificant accomplishments in the history of the Union ever since he was admitted into this campus that he does not fit to touch the hem of the cotton of any of the office in Ken Saro-Wiwa’s building. It is very important for me to note it that his manifesto is as illaudable and unimpressive as his contributions to the advancement of the

Union ranging from his unrealistic Intercool-free agenda to his health committee agenda to his construction of hostels agenda.

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These and many others prove right the assertion that he is a personification of ignorance. No doubt, if given a chance, he would cause a maximum embarrassment to the Union. He is a bloody opportunist, an ill-advised candidate and an hungry visionless power-monger being sponsored by the landlord of Awo Block 8 and some impulsive elements.

We must at this critical point in time redefine the future of our Union as it has been bestowed unto us.