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Vigilante Group Arrests Two Men For Stealing Electricity Cable



By Sodiq Lawal

Two men were arrested in Owode Community in Ife Central, State of Osun as men of vigilante service arrested two men for stealing electricity cable.

Residents of the area who were all asleep were jolted around 2am on yesterday by the noise of the vigilante group.

According to a leader of the vigilante group, Mr Francis Ojo nemesis caught up with the men as they were rounded up by the vigilante routine patrol team in the midnight of yesterday.

“I was the one that informed my colleagues about the incessant stolen of cables in the area and the operation was carried out by our routine team patrolling that axis. We observed till after some hours, the two men came out from the bush with some stolen cables and our team then acted promptly,” he said.

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The arrested suspects have been handed over to the police for further investigation.

However, a community leader in the area, Mr Adedibu Ridwan has urged the residents to  be more vigilant and report anay suspicious move to the security agents.