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Ile Ife Agog For World Annual Ifa Festival

By Sodiq Lawal

The ancient city of Ile Ife was agog during the weekend as residents, priests from various countries, tourists, politicians and others dignitaries celebrated World annual Ifa Festival at Ifa Temple , Ooni’s palace in Ile Ife.

The Ifa Festival is an annual seven day event which ends in June.

Ifa is an oracle of divinity and one of the principal deities of the Yoruba people.

The first day of the festival involves various rituals, including the plucking of leaves for  Oni Oracle ( Ijawe Ifa Ooni ) and vigil at the palace that involves cooking ( Arisun Idana Afin ) , while the second day is Oracle sacrifice for Ooni’s (Ifa Ooni).

The third and fourth days were dedicated to the performance of rituals, Awo Oloju Merindinlogun.

On the fifth day, a public lecture and roundtable discussion on women in Ifa took place at Ooni’s palace and preceded by a ritual performance led by the Chief Priest, Araba Agbaye .

Every worshipper of the Ifa diety prostrated and prayed in front of the shrine for the development of the ancient city.

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Several traders thronged Enuwa road and Ooni’s palace while security agencies were seen maintaining law and order.